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Mod Gods

So, you wanna know how to do
body work like the Mod Gods?
Alright you talked me into it, but
just dont tell anyone.


1. First, you must use modeling clay to form it into the shape desired. However in the picture above this
individual melted plastic (sorry cant tell you how to use plastic, it's a Mod Gods trade secret)


2. Wow, I'm about to explain this in 2 steps!!! Anyway, notice how much smoother the sides are in the
second row of pics. You then must sand the heck out of the clay (after it dries) sanding is VERY Important.
If you do not sand it will turn out lumpy. Next, you must use bondo, or here is a secret (glazing putty) it
dries faster and is easier to sand. Well, after applying it to the needed areas, such as holes or just used to
mold. You then sand it some more! It is very easy, just remember to take your time and you will have a Mod God
quality modifier!