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Mod Gods

Project Modifiers
Project Integra conversion: This Insane Civic(Thats right civic!!!) Has an Integra front end conversion, mustang sides, roofscoop, and everything is shaved and molded!!!! We can expect many more insane modifications in the future!

Civic-Integra Front Conversion                    

Civic-Del Sol Conversion

Molded Eclipse
OzZySi Is working on an Accord, it's in its final stages now. While OzZy doesn't have any real pictures, he took the time to make a basic layout of what it looks like, or will look like in the near future, for the public to see. (see picture below)---------------------------------------------------He is also modifying his baby blue Eclipse further, by making a custon blitz style front bumper for it.

Import Supra:
This has to be one of the best Civics around. Can you believe those veilside side skirts,
those are so outrageous. This guys body kit has to be one of the cleanest around.