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Mod Gods

Mod News
Series 1&2 Have been discontinued
Series 3&4 Have been released
Series 5&6 Have been released through-out the US
X-Concepts is realigning Series 5&6 with the Ford Focus, Chevy S-10,
      more Honda Civics, more Honda Accords, and more Integra GSR's
X-Conxepts claims to be fixing the short screw problem and the Civic side skirt problem.
X-Concepts with Meguiars held a event in which the winners from each real car class will
     have there car reproduced as a 1:64 Modifier.
X-Concepts Modifers is holding a contest for the best modified car, which the winner will
     recieve a free Modifiers Gift Pack (value over $100.00USD) and $500.00USD

-More news to come.