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Mod Gods
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Import Fool
Name: Eric
AKA: ImportFool
Mod(s): Civic
     Custom Modifications:-Molded: widebody, roofscoop, Shaved: doorhandles, sidemoldings, sunroof, rear emblem, factorie wing shaved      other: clear tailights, chrome motor, custom wing, custom Black Widow hood, painted wheels and rotors, Nos, back seats removed with      system, two tone interior

ImportFools All New del Sol
99 Honda Civic EX
1. Molded Widebody (hand made)
2. Custom cervini's hood (hand made)
3. shaved sidemoldings and door handles
4. Integra tail light conversion
5. del Sol conversion
6. Home made blitz front bumper
7. Home made rear end bumper (my own design)
8. molded rear bumper
9. custom blue paint job
10. shaved factorie sideskirts
11. shaved wholes to factorie wing
12. custom chromed under the car
1. converted into a two seater
2. two tone paint job
3. flip up DVD player
1. custom chromed and painted
2. turbo
3. custom intercooler
4. custom exhaust
1. custom springs (for maxium lowering potential)
2. custom painted springs
1. custom 18's (Konig Villians)
2. custom  powder coated wheels